Step into the next level of nicotine innovation, where VELO spearheads the charge with its exceptional array of nicotine pouches.

Made for the needs of today and tomorrow, VELO provides a smoke-free, inconspicuous, and tasteful nicotine journey.

The VELO oral nicotine pouch has been engineered to heighten your senses, dependent on your chown nicotine strength, all without any traces of tobacco leaf. 

Why Opt for VELO?



Embarking on your journey to quit smoking? Start with the lowest strength to gauge your body’s reaction and responsibly manage nicotine intake


For the full effect, gently place a pouch between your upper lip and gum, refraining from sucking or chewing.

up to 60mins

Keep the pouch in place for 30-60 minutes and enjoy the gradual release of flavour and nicotine.


Once finished, dispose of the pouch thoughtfully into a bin or the separate top lid of the container for added convenience.

VELO POUCHES: Attributes and Advantages

Subtle Application:
Tailored for positioning beneath the upper lip, VELO pouches provide a discreet avenue to relish nicotine, anytime, anywhere. Whether at work or on the move, VELO furnishes a smokeless tobacco alternative that complements your lifestyle.

Oral Nicotine Gratification:

Functioning as an oral nicotine alternative, VELO pouches deliver a consistent nicotine release, presenting a gratifying experience devoid of the necessity for smoking or vaping.

Customer Service:

Our pledge to offer exceptional customer service and compliance with Aussie laws and regulations underscores our commitment to your satisfaction, ensuring a seamless journey for all our customers.

Join the VELO Revolution
With VELO nicotine pouches, you're not merely opting for a top-tier nicotine product; you're taking part in a new wave of a smoke-free future. Embrace the smokeless revolution with VELO – where satisfaction, flavor, and excellence come to meet.



By following these guidelines, you can enjoy POUCHED responsibly and maintain peace of mind. Your well-being is our priority, and we encourage you to embrace enjoyment with mindfulness and care.