R4VE Energy: Frozen Citrus


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Designed for the Go-Getters and Health-Conscious: Unleash an invigorating wave of energy with R4VE’s Frozen Citrus caffeine pouches. Perfect for those who need an instant, zestful boost. Slip a pouch under your lip and awaken your senses with a surge of citrusy freshness.

🚀 Quick Energy Boost: Each Frozen Citrus pouch delivers 50mg of caffeine, providing an energetic lift that lasts for 25-45 minutes—ideal for maintaining focus and alertness without the crash.

🍋 Zesty Citrus Flavor Experience: Infused with a zesty sour lemon flavor and cool icy notes, R4VE Frozen Citrus pouches not only energize but also refresh your palate, perfect for a hot day or when you need a quick wake-up call.

🧠 Enhanced with Vitamins: Packed with Vitamin B5, each pouch boosts both your physical energy and mental clarity, enhancing cognitive functions and keeping you sharp throughout your day.

💪 Versatile for Any Occasion: Whether it’s a long afternoon of meetings, a pre-workout energizer, or just a daily boost, R4VE Frozen Citrus caffeine pouches are your go-to for sustainable energy. They integrate effortlessly into any part of your day, providing the refreshment and motivation you need to tackle any challenge.

Product Details:

  • Caffeine Content: 50 mg per pouch
  • Portions per Can: 20 servings