XQS: Blueberry Mint


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Designed for the Go-Getters and Health-Conscious: Explore the vibrant flavor journey of XQS Blueberry Mint caffeine pouches. Perfect for those who enjoy a refreshingly unique twist to their energy source. Slip a pouch under your lip and let the combination of sweet blueberries and cool mint invigorate your senses.

🚀 Smooth Energy Boost: Each Blueberry Mint pouch delivers 50mg of caffeine, ensuring a smooth and steady release of energy. This provides you with sustained alertness and concentration that lasts throughout your day—without any crash.

🫐🌿 Blueberry Mint Flavour: Merging the luscious sweetness of blueberries with the refreshing zing of mint, XQS Blueberry Mint pouches offer a delightful taste adventure. They not only boost your energy but also provide a pleasing flavor experience that’s both satisfying and invigorating.

🧠 Enhanced Focus and Vitality: Crafted to enhance both your mental and physical vigor, these pouches support improved concentration and enduring energy, helping you tackle any task with ease and efficiency.

💪 Perfect for Any Occasion: Whether you’re needing a lift during a long meeting, before a strenuous workout, or just as a daily revitalizer, XQS Blueberry Mint caffeine pouches are your go-to choice. They fit effortlessly into any part of your day, enhancing each moment with their unique flavor and energy-boosting properties.

Product Details:

  • Caffeine Content: 50 mg per pouch
  • Portions per Can: 20 servings