XQS: Citrus Cooling


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Designed for the Go-Getters and Health-Conscious: Immerse yourself in the vibrant explosion of flavors with XQS Tropical caffeine pouches. These are expertly crafted for those seeking an exotic, flavorful boost along with their energy hit. Just slip a pouch under your lip and let the delightful tastes of pineapple, passion fruit, and mango transport you to a tropical paradise.

🚀 Continuous Energy Boost: Each Tropical pouch packs 50mg of caffeine, providing enhanced focus and a sustained surge of energy that keeps you powered and alert throughout your day—perfect for tackling any task without the fatigue.

🍍🥭 Exotic Flavor Experience: Enjoy the exquisite blend of pineapple, passion fruit, and mango in every pouch. XQS Tropical not only revitalizes your energy levels but also delights your taste buds with its harmonious mix of tropical flavors, making every moment more enjoyable.

🧠 Enhanced Mental Clarity: Formulated to boost both your energy and cognitive functions, these pouches help sharpen your focus and improve concentration, aiding you in maintaining peak performance all day long.

💪 Ideal for Every Occasion: Whether you need an energy lift during an intense work session, a midday pick-me-up, or a flavorful enhancement to your exercise routine, XQS Tropical caffeine pouches are your ultimate companion. They seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle, offering a delicious way to stay energized and motivated.

Product Details:

  • Caffeine Content: 50 mg per pouch
  • Portions per Can: 20 servings