XQS: Tropical


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Designed for the Go-Getters and Health-Conscious: Experience the exotic pleasure of XQS Tropical caffeine pouches, crafted for those who crave an energizing escape with every dose. Slip a pouch under your lip and let the vibrant blend of tropical fruits elevate your energy levels and brighten your day.

🚀 Robust Energy Boost: Each Tropical pouch contains 50mg of caffeine, designed to enhance your mental sharpness and provide lasting energy that supports you through all your daily activities—ensuring you stay alert and focused without any crash.

🍍🥭 Luscious Tropical Flavour Experience: Saver the flavours of paradise with every pouch. XQS Tropical combines the luscious tastes of tropical fruits, offering a taste of adventure that meets the powerful boost of caffeine. It's not just an energy pouch; it's a tropical getaway in every bite.

🧠 Sharpened Focus and Vitality: These pouches are not only about great taste but also about enhancing your cognitive function. They are designed to boost your mental clarity and sustain your energy, helping you navigate your daily tasks with ease.

💪 Perfect for Any Time, Any Place: XQS Tropical caffeine pouches are your ideal energy partner, whether you're powering through morning tasks, needing a mid-afternoon lift, or kick-starting an energetic evening. They seamlessly fit into your lifestyle, providing a delicious way to stay energized and motivated.

Product Details:

  • Caffeine Content: 50 mg per pouch
  • Portions per Can: 20 servings